Preview: 'Chronicle: Runescape Legends' (PC)

Preview: 'Chronicle: Runescape Legends' (PC) YOUTUBE

After a decent download time and easy to manage sign-in into Chronicle: Runescape Legends, you enter the Runescape world, only this time via a virtual table top/open book. Anyone familiar with Runescape will be automatically know the characters and creatures. For those who don't it's actually pretty easy to follow. If you are familiar with Hearthstone or Magic Online play, you'll coast right into this.

Play is fun: Playing another opponent, you pick cards while your opponent sets theirs up. With your characters you run the gauntlet of card after card. All the times I played I lasted until the end and faced my opponent one on one in a turn based fashion.

This game is all about strategy. You have limited cards, and as soon as you play them (they turn into little mini figures as soon as they are down) it becomes survival of the fittest. You know what you put up to wear down your opponent, but so do they, and it becomes a survival of the fittest as your character is slowly whittled down and you kill more and more of your opponents white wolfs to the sound of heartbreaking dog whines, crumbling away from your sword strike.

The visuals and animations are a little simplistic, but it hits the “table top card game” vibe to a T. Honestly, it's a very addicting game and super fun to see just how well your strategy plays out each time. You gain gold, gear and new cars to choose from each turn, and it takes skill to outwit and outlast. I swore I wouldn't get sucked in during daytime, and when I decided to take a break it was night. I didn't care about the leaderboard they have up – I was just hoping to have the stats to make it to the next chapter.

This is a fun game that challenges you and has made some favorable tweeks since the last Beta (I don't know if they changed the music, but if they did, I found it much more exciting) and if they keep up the quality for the new launch, work productivity across the world might fall – it was that challenging, fun and addicting. I hope, for the full launch, to see it as amazing as it is now. This is a preview and just a taste of what it's really like.

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