New Sailor Moon game drops for iOS, Android

New Sailor Moon game drops for iOS, Android BANDAI NAMCO

A new mobile game based upon the anime Sailor Moon is now available for iOS and Android platforms.

The game, Sailor Moon Drops, is based on the popular storyline of 'Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon', and includes the most iconic characters from the 'Sailor Moon' universe.

Players of the game solve puzzles while facing off against some of the most powerful villains in the series.  They can enjoy solving puzzles with Sailor Guardians that perform special action moves, such as erasing puzzle pieces, in order to clear each stage in the game.  As players clear levels, they are rewarded with colorful wallpaper images that can be used on smartphone devices.  With an impressive roster of characters and easy-to-learn gameplay controls, Sailor Moon Drops is a puzzle action gamers will not want to miss.

Sailor Moon Drops is a free-to-play game.

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