Beta testers wanted for iOS game 'Creature Battle Lab'

An in-game image from 'Creature Battle Lab' on iOS. An in-game image from 'Creature Battle Lab' on iOS. DOJO ARCADE / GAMESPRESS

Developer Dojo Arcade has been working on their upcoming iOS game Creature Battle Lab for some time and they're now looking for beta testers who want to give it a go.

Creature Battle Lab is a 3D creature creator and battling game that features "100 percent" player-controlled customization where players can mix and match 200 creature body parts for a desired look.  Winning battles let players acquire new skills and upgrade creatures.  Players can choose from 74 unique skills for their creations and have them battle in 27 different arenas.

People who are interested in becoming a beta tester can sign up to do so at

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