'Magic: The Gathering' board game, miniatures unveiled

'Magic: The Gathering' board game, miniatures unveiled WIZKIDS

Wizkids unveils the Magic: The Gathering Heroes of Dominara board game along with its line of Magic: The Gathering miniatures.

A Euro-styled board game designed for two to four players, Heroes of Dominara has players taking on the role of powerful heroes as they travel to iconic locations across the plane of Dominaria such as Llanowar, Urborg, and Keld.  .  Throughout the game, players will need to build sites, rediscover lost artifacts, and confront the sinister Cabal in a quest to gather the resources needed to save the multiverse before rival heroes do.

Wizkids says there will be two versions of the Magic: The Gathering: Heroes of Dominaria board game.  The difference between the Standard and Premium version is that the latter includes four pre-painted miniatures of Magic's Gatewatch.  In the Standard version, the miniatures are unpainted.

And on the topic of miniatures, Wizkids will also be coming out with a line of Magic: The Gathering miniature figurines called Magic: The Gathering Creature Forge: Overwhelming Swarm.

Sculpted in scale with WizKids’ D&D minis line, this inaugural set is comprised of 28 tokens spanning well known creature types from Magic’s 25-year history such as Angels, Soldiers, Goblins, Zombies, Bears, Dragons, Dinosaurs, and so on.  Each token includes a base that represents one of the five iconic colors that make up the foundation of Magic’s mana system.  Game stats are also shown on the base, meaning the miniatures aren't just for show -- they're designed to be used in game as well.

Magic: The Gathering Creature Forge: Overwhelming Swarm set is expected to hit store shelves in July 2018.  As for the Magic: The Gathering: Heroes of Dominaria board game, both the Standard and Premium versions are scheduled for release in August.

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