Twin-stick shooter 'Last Encounter' dated for May release

An in-game scene from 'Last Encounter.' An in-game scene from 'Last Encounter.' EXORDIUM GAMES

Exordium Games' upcoming twin-stick shooter, Last Encounter, is slated to release on Steam May 8 with a console release later in the year.

In the game, players choose from a variety of ships and pilots then combine weapon components to create their own destructive devices.  The game features four-player couch co-op as players destroy savage alien forces in an interstellar bullet hell.

“With dozens of components in the game, there is a vast variety of weapons that players can design and use,” said Andrej Kovacevic, Game Director, Exordium Games.  “Whether you team up with friends or go into the fight alone, Last Encounter provides a challenge with a great deal of replayability.”

Exordium Games is a Croatia-based independent video games studio.

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