'Infinium Strike' announced for PS4, PC

'Infinium Strike' announced for PS4, PC CODEX WORLD

Infinium Strike, the strategy action hybrid from Codex Worlds, is coming to PlayStation 4 in mid-to-late 2016 in addition to the previously announced Xbox One release.  The PC version of the Kickstarter-funded title will release on Steam for Windows, Mac, and Linux on July 14, 2016.

Set in the distant future, a group of aliens known as the Wrog will stop at nothing to annihilate mankind.  Players will assume the role of the weapons officer on the Freedom Strike, the battlecarrier that is humanity's last hope, and will have an arsenal of weapons, spaceships and cutting-edge technologies to defeat the Wrog.

"After announcing Infinium Strike would be coming to Xbox One and showing the game at PAX and GDC, PlayStation owners demanded Infinium Strike," said Dexter Chow, CEO of Codex Worlds.  "We are thrilled to have such a passionate fan base and will continue diligently working to deliver the experience they expect."

Infinium Strike offers two game modes. In campaign mode, players advance through 10 missions in their quest to defeat the Wrog. Deep Space serves as an endless arcade mode in which players test their skills against endless waves of Wrog. Each player receives the same enemy attack patterns in Deep Space, allowing gamers to battle for the top spot on the leaderboards.

Codex World is comprised of previous members of Ubisoft.

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