Rogue-lite platformer 'Aura of Worlds' out now on Steam

A screenshot from Aura of Worlds. A screenshot from Aura of Worlds. COGNITIVE FORGE

Aura of Worlds, a game that bills itself as a "creative strategy rogue-lite platformer", was released onto Steam Early Access this week. This game focuses on improvisation by allowing players multiple different options for progress; items has multiple uses, obstacle has multiple ways to bypass them, and players have multiple viable mechanics to let them progress, from hacking to grappling hooks. The game features over 70 unique enemies and over eight randomized level themes, each with their own special hazards. The game also features pixel art by Jessica Turner and Lachlan Cartland, and music by Mat Dwyer and Amanda J. Lim.

The game is available in Early Access now, for a temporary sale price of $8.99 (down from the normal $9.99), and can be purchased on its Steam page. A trailer for the game is below.

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