Indie game 'Eden Rising: Supremacy' comes to PC this month

A promotional image for 'Eden Rising: Supremacy'. A promotional image for 'Eden Rising: Supremacy'. NVIZZIO CREATIONS

Eden Rising: Supremacy, a multiplayer open world-tower defense hybrid from Canadian developer Nvizzio Creations, is scheduled to launch onto Steam Early Access for PC on May 17.

“At the start of early access, up to 8 players will be able to share their own persistent version of Eden and we can’t wait to hear their stories," says Nvizzio’s Lead Designer, Brent Ellison.  "We have an extremely ambitious roadmap for Eden Rising and strongly believe that game development should be a collaborative process alongside the players.  We are truly looking forward to engaging with the community to make Eden Rising the best and most creative game it can be.”

In the game, players are tasked with mastering a vibrant alien world in a unique and refreshing blend of exploration, crafting, action, combat, and tower defense.

Nvizzio Creations says the game will launch with an array of features already in place including a four square mile world with four distinct biomes to explore that will only increase in size and scope during early access development.  The early access version will have over 30 hours of content including some end game content for players to team up and test themselves against.

The developer did not say when the game will depart Early Access for its full-scale launch.

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