Fantasy business game 'Shoppe Keep 2' launches onto Steam

Fantasy business game 'Shoppe Keep 2' launches onto Steam EXCALIBUR GAMES

Fantasy business management simulator Shoppe Keep 2 is now available on PC as the game enters Steam Early Access.

Developed by Strangefire and published by Excalibur Games, Shoppe Keep 2 tasks players with creating, growing, and managing their own fantasy business.  As straightforward as that may seem, it's surprisingly difficult keeping warriors, rogues, and wizards happy.  Players will need to strategically set prices and shrewdly order stock.  Outside of the store, players will get to explore vast lands, battle creatures, and go fishing.  And let's not forget the game's top feature: paying taxes.  No, really.

Shoppe Keep 2 is now available on Steam and digital stores worldwide.  Owners of the original Shoppe Keep game or Craft Keep VR will receive a discount on the game.

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