'Dead In Vinland' demo hits Steam

'Dead In Vinland' demo hits Steam CCP

A playable demo of indie dev CCP's upcoming computer game, Dead in Vinland, is now available via Steam.

The full version of the game actually released last month on April 12 and follows the story of Eirik and his exiled family of Vikings on a quest to survive on a mysterious and unforgiving island.  This new public demo allows players to experience the first few days on Dead In Vinland’s cursed island as they get to know Eirik and his family, explore the surroundings, make difficult decisions with deep management and crafting systems, and engage in deadly battles as players struggle to survive day-by-day. 

Furthermore, as part of CCP’s continued commitment to support and improve the game, several significant patches and hotfixes have been deployed in response to player feedback with more to come.

Dead In Vinland's public demo on the game’s official Steam page

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