Arena battler 'Battery Jam' gets PC release date

Arena battler 'Battery Jam' gets PC release date HALSEO

Battery Jam, an arena battler that's described as Bomberman-meets-Splatoon, is scheduled for a mid-May release via Steam.

In the game, players control one of four radical robots who duke it out for territory in a chaotic battle arena.  They can either stun shot opposing players directly or punch boomboxes into them in an attempt to destroy them and take over the surrounding tiles.  As a form of defense, opposing robots robots dash around the arena avoiding the attacks at high rates of speed.  One the game is over, the player with the most tiles under their control when the timer reaches zero claims victory.

That's not where gameplay ends, however.  Robots also have the ability to actually modify the battlefield as they fight by either raising or lowering the colored game tiles.  This creates both barriers players can use to block incoming boomboxes and pitfalls into which rivals can be punched.

Battery Jam consists of two play modes.  There's "Classic Jam," which is a free-for-all battle, and "Team Jam," which is a battle of orange vs blue.  Also, teams in Team Jam don't have to be equal.  Players can choose to play 2v2 or go 1v3.  The game also supports quick PVE battles.

Developed by Halseo, Battery Jam will launch out of Steam Early Access on May 17th, 2018.  It is the studio's debut title.

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