Vis-novel 'XBlaze Code: Embryo' comes to Steam next month

Vis-novel 'XBlaze Code: Embryo' comes to Steam next month AKSYS GAMES

Releasing March 1 for PC via Steam is XBlaze Code: Embryo, a visual novel based in Aksys Games' BlazBlue fighting game universe.

The game takes place 150 years before the events of BlazBlue and boasts an innovative path selection system and characters that Aksys Games says defies imagination.  Renegade mages, homicidal maniacs, and secret organizations are only some of the adversaries players will face.

XBlaze Code: Embryo also features interactive storytelling by utilizing facial, mouth synchronization, and body configuration designed to breathe unparalleled levels of life into the game's characters.  Additionally, its "TOi" system allows players to read information about the world, thus altering the path ahead.  Choosing additional information can change the player's fate and unlock multiple story paths and endings.

The ESRB has rated XBlaze Code: Embryo as "M for Mature".  The game (as is noted in the video above) was previously released on PlayStation 3 and PS Vita.

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