E3 2018: 'Heavy Fire: Red Shadow'

Promotional image for Heavy Fire: Red Shadow. Promotional image for Heavy Fire: Red Shadow. MASTIFF

Mastiff, publisher of games such as Gurumin and the Heavy Fire series, showed off Heavy Fire: Red Shadow at E3. In 2025, when South Korea falls under the influence of North Korea and joins forces to attack the U.S., it's up to you to defend the nation.


While it's very much gorgeous, it also is highly accurate; a playthrough of the Guam level was stunning in its accuracy. The fighting style is also quite good. While you're limited to a turreted gun in first-person mode, you have to fight ground troops, planes, boats and more. It even goes the extra mile and includes more modern worries like suicide bombers into the mix.

A lot of care went into the game – it even had a military advisor, so even the tiniest details like the jargon they use is accurate to the real world. The wave style of enemies is a little bit old school, but in a battle game like this, it makes sense. Playing in VR, it's also quite stunning to see it all in 3D.


Heavy Fire: Red Shadow is coming in the summer of 2018 to the PS4, PSVR, Xbox One and PC, and right now, it looks like one of the best shooters of its genre to arrive in quite some time.

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