E3 2018: 'Home Sweet Home'

Promotional image for 'Home Sweet Home'. Promotional image for 'Home Sweet Home'. MASTIFF

Home Sweet Home, made by Mastiff, brings some pretty great twists to the first-person horror genre. Taking place in Bangkok, you need to survive as you go through corridors, houses and more. The Thai setting is especially unique, as there are numerous shrines playing into this, as well as music and mythos from Thai culture. There are no weapons either, so you need to survive based on your wits and intelligence.


What makes it even more engaging is that the ghosts and terrible events you see are all based on real events. In fact, the team went to the actual places in Bangkok where they happened, making it not only extra creepy, but also giving the game unique enemies. Any game can include a ghost or a zombie, but a killer ghost armed with a box cutter? You feel like you're witnessing the real one.

I'm not the biggest fan of horror games or games that you're 'supposed' to play in the dark, but I'd make an exception for Home Sweet Home. It blends realism and intelligence with the supernatural. Not many games can pull that off, but this game does, and quite well too.


It's due out sometime in the fall of 2018 for consoles, and is available now on Steam.

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