The next 'RuneScape' game is one that plays itself (so you don't have to)

Promotional artwork for 'RuneScape: Idle Adventures'. Promotional artwork for 'RuneScape: Idle Adventures'. JAGEX GAMES

A new multiplatform RuneScape game is in the works from Jagex Games and AdVenture Capitalist developer Hyper Hippo and it's a game that practically plays itself.

Titled RuneScape: Idle Adventuresthe upcoming game is a miniature RPG title for PC, tablet, and smartphones.  

In RuneScape: Idle Adventures, players take on the role of a new RuneScape hero who sets out to nurture the world through noble efforts, including fishing, and growing cabbage.  Players of the game get to experience RuneScape's questing and monster fighting in a different way than usual as it's being designed for those who have little real-life time to spend playing games.  To put it simply, the game (to a point) plays itself so it's not so much of a time sink on its users.

"The emerging idle genre is starting to make a real impact, with novel gameplay experiences propelling idle games into the Steam and mobile top charts.  We think there are lots more innovative experiences to come, especially when blending narrative and RPG aspects with idle gameplay." says RuneScape VP Phil Mansell.  "We love giving gamers the opportunity to have adventures with RuneScape in unexpected ways and idle gaming is an ideal way to deliver this."

Mansell says that's why they tapped the expertise of Hyper Hippo to help them meet their goals and expectations for the game.

"Our partnership with Hyper Hippo will make for a surprising mash-up of RuneScape's lore, characters and realms and idle gaming," he adds.

RuneScape: Idle Adventures is due to come out this Spring and marks the first time Jagex has worked with a third-party developer on a RuneScape title.

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