'Battlerite Royale' receives Early Access release date

An in-game view of 'Battlerite Royale'. An in-game view of 'Battlerite Royale'. STUNLOCK STUDIOS

Stunlock Studios’ Battlerite Royale, a spin-off of its main Battlerite game, is slated to launch for PC via Steam Early Access on Sept. 26 for 20 bucks.

“Our take on the genre differs a lot from the FPS Battle Royale games out there," says Johan Ilves, Marketing Director at Stunlock Studios.  "Battlerite has always been about arcade-like MOBA action, and we want to stay true to the core of it while scaling up the experience and adding new exciting element.”

Stunlock Studios says the game pushes the genre’s boundaries beyond the traditional concept as it is one of the first top-down action MOBA battle royale games released on Steam and can be played solo or with a friend.

“With 20 different classes to pick from, a bird’s eye viewpoint and a unique combat system, we are confident that we will stand out in this crowded market," comments Ilves.  "This is not only the Battle Royale game all MOBA players have been waiting for, it’s a treat for any BR gamer who wants a fresh take on the genre.”

Stunlock Studios has a complete FAQ about Battlerite Royale on their website.

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