Review: 'Deliver Us the Moon: Fortuna' (PC)

Review: 'Deliver Us the Moon: Fortuna' (PC) KEOKEN INTERACTIVE

How come games always want you to explore abandoned places? I had this thought going on all through Deliver Us The Moon: Fortuna. This works well for some games (Most of the Fallout series for example, Rust) and doesn't for others (judging by what we've seen, Fallout 76). It adds drama, but it also gives a sense of “What are we doing here?”. Fortuna makes a game out of this. And, except for a few bad choices, it works.

You're an astronaut from...America or Russia or somewhere in the EU or something – it's not really clear. Earth has been powered by rays for the moon for years, but in the near future, that breaks down when something goes wrong in the base. You're sent to the moon to find out what went wrong. Honestly, it's a good story, like a mix of The Martian and Aliens (but with no Aliens). Parts do get dull, but generally you'll never get uninterested, because the story wants you to know more.

Controls were standard Steam controls. I did mix up some of the buttons a few times, but after you get used to them, it's really no sweat. It felt like playing a Fallout or GTA game after awhile control-wise.

The graphics were REALLY good. They were frankly stunning to look at. Most 3D, 3rd person games, when they go the realism route, they tend to have a few mechanics that take away the realism, but Deliver Us The Moon prevailed. Indoors, it's a lot of metal rooms and doorways, while outside it's this abandoned landscape. Again, it felt like Fallout, but not as beat up. Environmental effects could have been better (The ground looks like carpet sometimes, and feels off when you hear wind but see no dust pick up, yet solid metal at parts has the dust effect.) and sometimes lighting seems off, but overall, it's a game that looks very real, is beautiful to look at and it's obvious a lot of work went into it. I mean, once you get to the moon buggy, driving over the desolate moon, you just want to drive forever and ever. It's that good.

The whole game consists of you running around the base solving things. It's kinda a puzzle thing, and kinda a 'think on this' style....or it would have been if it wasn't for Claire. She hand holds what you need to do THE ENTIRE GAME. Claire is helping you guide you through, but it comes off as really annoying, really fast. It's worse than Rockstar Games when you're stuck with another character who won't shut up for five minutes. Gameplay is fine, and it can rely on memory and things at times, but whenever Claire becomes involved it becomes a 3D playable book. It's still fun, but it would have been WAY better if Claire wasn't as big a part in it.

Sound and music isn't bad....mostly. Music is pretty minimal, only a few notes of dreary music and some piano keys tinkling at the right parts. It's minimal but works. Sound is mostly good too. Hatch whooshes, rockets going off, dust storms – all the ambiance mixes well with the music. The only bad note is the voice work. It pops up WAY too often, and I don't know where they got them, but the voice actors gt grating real quick – they're almost condescending at times when they're supposed to be helpful, and that was real hard to overlook. Altogether it's pretty great, just that aspect needed work.

I didn't see any real glitches. There were a few points where it took a few times hitting TAB or the F key to get something going, but that was the extent of it - a few sticky keys. The frame rate wasn't bad either. It flowed pretty well and only choked up when there was a lot of moving things going on about on-screen.

Deliver Us The Moon: Fortuna is a neat game. There isn't too, too much to do, but it looks great and gives you a sense of foreboding and loneliness that few others games do. However some not so good choices in choosing how to present the story and keep the game going (i.e. Claire) REALLY weigh down the game. It's still playable and fun, but it could have been more.

Final Score: 7.7 out of 10

A copy of this game was provided for the purpose of review.

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