Indie game 'Rage in Peace' releases on Switch, Steam

Indie game 'Rage in Peace' releases on Switch, Steam ROLLING GLORY JAM

Toge Productions and developer Rolling Glory Jam release their story-driven  comic platformer Rage in Peace on Nintendo Switch and PC (via Steam).

Rage in Peace follows Timmy Malinu, an emotionally numb 27-year-old actuary whose greatest desire is to die peacefully asleep in his pajamas and in the comfort of his own home.  However, when the Grim Reaper shows and tells Timmy that he will die that day of decapitation, his only concern is that he goes out quick and painlessly.  Unfortunately, that's not the way the universe works.  So it's the player's job to hlp Timmy get home safely, so he can finally live the death of his dreams.

“Our four-year development journey has reached its climax and we are so excited to finally release Rage in Peace worldwide,” said Rolling Glory Jam Director Dominikus D Putranto.  “The game combines fun and intuitive platforming mechanics with deep, comical narrative experience with the purpose of creating discussions surrounding the meaning of work, life and death and to remind gamers of their own mortality in a non-scary way.”

Rage in Peace is a true testament to Indonesian talent, in terms of both game development and music,” said Toge Productions Founder and CEO Kris Antoni.  “Rolling Glory Jam has partnered with 11 local indie bands to produce a varied, evocative soundtrack that reflects the emotionally rich, outlandish adventure our doomed hero embarks upon.”

Rage in Peace is loosely inspired by the stories of Paulo Coelho de Souza.  The game seeks to give meaning to death in a “rage game” where players meet their maker every few seconds.

The ESRB does not list an age rating for this title.

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