Strategy sci-fi RPG 'Ancient Frontier' comes to Steam next month

Strategy sci-fi RPG 'Ancient Frontier' comes to Steam next month FAIR WEATHER STUDIOS

Steel Shadows, a standalone expansion to Fair Weather Studios' turn-based strategy sci-fi RPG Ancient Frontier, is coming to Steam Dec. 11.

Set in the sci-fi universe of the frontier, Fair Weather Studios says Ancient Frontier: Steel Shadows builds upon the universe of Ancient Frontier and puts players in command of their own ragtag fleet of ships.

In the game, players take on the role of the recently-freed convict, Rogan Harker.  As Harker, players will explore the vast expanse of space forming new friendships and conquering enemies to level and expand their fleet of ships across 20 main story missions and more than 50 side missions.  Steel Shadows also lets players customize their play experience as they unlock technologies in the extensive tech tree.

As a standalone expansion, Steel Shadows gives players the opportunity to jump into the world of Ancient Frontier without having to own the original title.  Including the “Random Event” and “Crew Free” DLCs from the original Ancient FrontierSteel Shadows packs hours of content and dynamics into tactical combat giving both fans of RPGs and turn-based strategy titles something to enjoy.

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