Pirate survival MMO 'Atlas' coming to Steam Early Access

The world of 'Atlas'. The world of 'Atlas'. GRAPESHOT GAMES

Grapeshot Games has announced that Atlas, the pirate-themed MMO that debuted at The Game Awards 2018, will be arriving on Steam Early Access next week. The brainchild of ARK: Survival Evolved developers Jeremy Steglitz and Jesse Rapczak, Atlas will allow up to 40,000 players to explore a vast, 45,000-square-kilometer world, divided into ten major regions and filled with thousands of areas to explore and discover. Players can build their own ships and their own crew as they go forth and sail the seas in the name of good or evil.

"From the very beginning of Atlas’ development, we wanted to create a world on a massive scale to facilitate a new paradigm in emergent online gameplay scenarios," said Jeremy Stieglitz, Lead Designer, Grapeshot Games. "We’re incredibly excited to finally bring players into the Atlas and witness their fantastic adventures!"

Atlas will be available on Steam Early Access starting December 13. Players can find more information at the game's Steam page.

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