'Skorecery' receives February release date on PlayStation 4

Gameplay from 'Skorecery'. Gameplay from 'Skorecery'. GRAPPLEHOOK GAMES

Indie developer GrappleHook Games has announced that Skorecery, their upcoming "mystical arcade sportslike", has been given a February release date on the PlayStation Store. Skorecery is a competitive game for up to four players that harkens back to Pong, where two wizards try to fire a ball back and forth to destroy runes guarded by their opponents. Players can use spells or curses to give themselves advantages or even change the rules of the game.

"While easy to pick up and play, Skorecery’s tight controls and fast action quickly turn a casual experience into a competitive one," says Eric Peterson, co-founder of GrappleHook Games. "But beyond that tight core, we wanted to give players the tools to experiment and push those mechanics. Spells, Modes and Curses work in combination to do just that."

Skorecery will be available for purchase on February 5.

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