Puzzle/platformer 'Rehtona' releases onto Steam

Puzzle/platformer 'Rehtona' releases onto Steam DOT 4 GAMES

Indie dev Dot 4 Joy's single-player puzzler/platformer, Rehtona, onto Steam.

The game is centered around the story of Rehtona.  She's a girl who is trapped between two contrasting worlds: the Light World and the Shadow World.  Finding herself suddenly alone in the Shadow World, she needs to collect “memory fragments” in order to find out what happened and why she's trapped.  Whenever she completes an image, however, a memory that doesn't seem to belong to Rehtona instead becomes imprinted onto her mind.

“The story and characters in Rehtona were inspired by a curiosity of the unknown and a deep appreciation for the spirit of exploration. Furthermore, the game is a love letter to all those wonderful 16-bit – and the occasional 32-bit – 2D platformers that blew our minds when we were kids,” says Yameng, Game Designer at Dot 4 Joy.  “Rehtona can be deceptively simple, though: The corresponding Light and Shadow Worlds play an integral part in every single puzzle – requiring attention to detail and cunning in order to be solved.”

Rehtona is available via Steam for both PC and Mac for $12.99 USD.

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