'Claybook' to come out on Switch this March

'Claybook' to come out on Switch this March STEAM

Red Lynx announced that the physics-based puzzle adventure, Claybook, is due for release this March. Using clay graphics, puzzles and landscapes are both solved and built with clay.

“We’re thrilled to bring Claybook to Nintendo’s Switch platform, and give creative minds the world over a new venue for expressing themselves,” said Sami Saarinen, CEO, and Co-Founder of Second Order. “Whether players prefer to create extraordinary levels with our extensive library of tools, or simply explore the depths of their problem-solving abilities on their journey through each chapter, we are confident that there will be something for everyone to enjoy.”

Claybook also includes a rewind function to solve puzzles after errors are made, a sandbox mode where player-made can be created and shared, a multiplayer mode to face others, and colorful graphics. Out this March on the Switch, Claybook has been previously released on the PS4, XBox One, and PC in 2017.

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