'Neptunia Shooter' set to release May 21st

Game logo. Game logo. IDEA FACTORY

The 8-bit shoot em’ up Neptunia Shooter has been given a release date of May 21st. Idea Factory, the game's publisher, also released a trailer that showcases Neptune and several other playable characters, including Compa, IF, Noire, and Vert.

Players begin as Neptune in an unworldly 8-bit space dimension, ravaged by creatures who burst waves of bullets. After defeating each boss character, they will join your mission, allowing you to switch characters and utilize their unique shooting abilities. Neptune and her friends must traverse through this space dimension and win against them all.

Neptunia Shooter also includes online leaderboards, your choice of ammunition, and a broadcasting feature on Steam that allows other players to see your playthroughs. Neptunia Shooter comes on May 21st on PC through Steam.

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