Review: ‘Technosphere Reload’ (PC)

The protagonist of Technosphere Reload. The protagonist of Technosphere Reload. ADAPTIVE GAME

Remember when puzzle games did out what they were supposed to do? Well, Technosphere Reload does just that... mostly. But it’s not completely up to par.

You are a color-pulsating metal ball. Your job? Solve puzzles. Why? Oh, the company mining the asteroid you were on messed up and made the asteroid go on a collision course with Earth. And the only thing saving it is you doing the puzzles to help send it back on track. Not the most complicated story, but damn if it doesn't do the rare thing and give a pure puzzle game a relevant story behind it.

The entire game is rolling your sphere around, with occasional things like jumps and buttons to push. It’s like the game was designed for Steam in particular. So yeah, it does well... sorta. I wish the player was able to control the camera, because it goes all over the place, often in crucial moments. Controls don’t mean anything when the camera angle constantly changes.

Despite everything else, the graphics are pretty solid. It’s a 3D puzzle game set in a futuristic space type place, so of course it’s going to be all neon and colorful and tech-y. It looks pretty convincing. I personally liked how the lights were shining and reflected as it moved - it gave some real depth to it rolling around. All in all, the graphics were great.

The gameplay is pure puzzle solving. Jump across these things, roll a certain way, hit pressure pads. It works fine, but some of it was really challenging, and not in a fun, skill-based way. The game would just hide critical points or demand certain ways to do things, and the only way you can beat it is do things randomly until you find the right solution. On paper it sounds fun, but it’s more tedious. Addictive tediousness. That’s the perfect word combo.

Judging from the trailer, I thought we were in for a pulsing space-techno soundtrack. Nooooope. What we got was, well... you know that white noise-like hum Star Trek used to use in space? It’s that, plus computer sounds also courtesy of Star Trek. On one hand the minimalist approach fits well. On the other, music would have served pretty well in this.

At times the game would slow down a bit. This is a 3D game with lots of moving pieces, parts, color, and what have you, so it could be forgiven for that. The glitches that came up were cut from the same cloth. A lot was going on, so the ball would skip around, or miss a target despite being on track for it. It wasn’t perfect, but it was on par in the real world with losing your keys for a bit.

Technosphere Reload is a tight puzzle game with some unique challenges and really cool graphics. Unfortunately it slams into the wall when it comes to challenge levels and that damned camera. If you can forgive it for that and other technical issues, Technosphere Reload holds up well and really makes for a challenging game. Just be warned that it may be a bit too challenging at times.

Final Score: 6 out of 10

A copy of this game was provided for the purpose of review.

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