Big 'Magic TCG' ban hits Modern

Artwork from the 'Magic' card Bridge from Below. Artwork from the 'Magic' card Bridge from Below. WOTC / DAARKEN

An entire deck archetype gets nerfed as Wizards of the Coast bans a key card.

Effective July 12, the Magic: The Gathering card Bridge from Below is no longer legal in the game's Modern format.  The company says they came to this decision based upon a recently-created, very powerful deck type that was threatening to take over the format.  The deck, "Hogaak Bridgevine," was based on the combined interactions of the cards Hogaak, Arisen Necropolis, Altar Of Dementia, and Bridge from Below.  On Magic Online, the deck had recently become the most-played deck and posted a 60% win rate.  Furthermore, the deck has posted more than three times the number of 5-0 finishes than the deck with the second most.  In short, it was over-dominating Modern.

"With several high-profile Modern events coming soon and Hogaak Bridgevine continuing to be problematic for the health of the metagame, we've determined now is the right time to take action in order to allow players enough advance notice to prepare for those events," says Ian Duke in the official ban announcement.

Wizards of the Coast further points out that the reason they decided to ban Bridge from Below rather than the other two aforementioned cards is because Bridge was the one that the company felt was most likely to become an issue at some point in the future.

Neither Vintage, Legacy, and Standard suffered any card bans.

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