Baseless Speculation: 12 cards we expect to see in Modern Masters 2017

Baseless Speculation: 12 cards we expect to see in Modern Masters 2017 WIZARDS OF THE COAST

Wizards of the Coast's next "Masters" set, Modern Masters 2017, is due out March 17.  With roughly a month to go before the reprint set sees its release, WotC will soon begin revealing what cards players can expect to find when they crack open packs.  Before that happens, we've put together our own wish list of a dozen cards that we hope to see in the set, which WotC says will include cards printed from 2003's 8th Edition through 2013's Magic 2014 set (including cards from the Innistrad and Return to Ravnica blocks).


Spell Pierce (Zendikar)

Control decks love efficiency and it's hard to get much more efficient than a one mana CMC on a card that's quite effective.  It's a great early game stop and can deal with a lot of threats like a first/second turn Chalice of the Void or Aether Vial.  Are you worried about a second turn Show and Tell or Sneak Attack?  Spell Pierce it.

There are a lot of control players who would be quite happy to see this card printed in Modern Masters 2017 and the writer of this article is no different.


Cloudshift (Avacyn Restored)

Don't blink!  Or, rather, please do.

Cloudshift is a very versatile card as it can save one of your creatures, screw up the plans of your opponent by blinking one of his/hers, and allow ETB triggers to re-trigger.  In short, the card can really be bonkers and it was one of the best overall cards in Avacyn Restored despite being a lowly common.  Whether or not it would remain at common (assuming it's included in the set) is in our minds up in the air.


Utopia Sprawl (Dissension)

Versatility is nice.  Utopia Sprawl, a card that hasn't seen print since its debut in Dissension, provides exactly that.

For one green mana players can perform their own color fixing.  It's a good card in EDH, would work quite well in limited, and is quite prevalent in Pauper.  Modern Tooth and Nail has also been known to run it.

Utopia Sprawl is a common that players should be happy to crack.



Ancient Stirrings (Rise of the Eldrazi)

Available only in its original Rise of the Eldrazi printing, Ancient Stirrings is a critical card for a number of decks including Bant Eldrazi, Tron, Amulet Titan, and more.  Because of its demand and limited availability, however, it's also a $4 common.

A printing in Modern Masters 2017 will probably bump its rarity up to uncommon, but that'll be a small inconvenience.  The point is that it would be back in print and that's enough to help out a lot of deck builders.


Chromatic Star (Time Spiral)

Tron and Affinity players simply love Chromatic Star, a cantripping mana converter that's only seen print in two sets: Time Spiral and Tenth Edition.  The card has good synergy with Shrapnel Blast, Krark-Clan Ironworks, Arcbound Ravager, and many other sac outlets.

Should it be included in Modern Masters 2017, it'll likely retain its uncommon designation though it wouldn't be a complete surprise if it got dropped to common.


Skred (Coldsnap)

In a way what we're hoping for is good support for "Snow" permanents in general.  That said, we really hope that Skred is amongst the cards that care about the supertype.  Sure, this means snow-covered lands and other cards like Boreal Druid and Scrying Sheets are (by proxy) on our wish list as well, but is that a bad thing?

Besides, this 75¢ common is the namesake card of a rather popular Modern deck (Skred Red).  If it is included in Modern Masters 2017, however, we don't expect it to stay at common.  We wouldn't be surprised if WotC decides to bump the card up to uncommon.


Go For the Throat (Mirrodin Besieged)

Efficient instant-speed removal always seems to be in demand and Go For The Throat fits that bill nicely.  It's also a spot removal card that doesn't care about color like similar cards (ie: Doom Blade) does.

Here's the thing, though: it hasn't seen print since its original printing way back in 2011.  Six years without a fresh printing of the popular and powerful uncommon is a bit too long considering the usefulness of the card.


Mishra's Bauble (Coldsnap)

Urza may have been the more popular brother, but Mishra had the better bauble.

A Coldsnap exclusive, Mishra's Bauble sees Modern play most often in Abzan and Death's Shadow Aggro.  The $18 uncommon works well with Clash and can potentially foil an opponent's Counterbalance (also a Coldsnap card).  Of course, the card literally being a free card draw isn't half bad.


"Tron" lands (8th Edition)

Originally printed in Antiquities, the "Tron" lands (Urza's Mine, Power Plant, and Tower) have become the staple land base for an entire breed of deck that's rather popular in Modern.  Unfortunately, they haven't seen print since 9th Edition and are increasingly scarce.  As such, the more recent printings of each land is going for some $3-4 each.

Considering the popularity of "Tron" decks and the à la carte price of the individual cards, it only makes sense that WotC would want to bring them back in Modern Masters 2017.


Thalia, Guardian of Thraben (Dark Ascension)

The Eldritch Moon version of Thalia was grabbing headlines last year, the original Dark Ascension version is by far the superior one.

A great sideboard card that can also find a home in the main deck, the Guardian of Thraben really slows things down for your opponent.  Counterspell becomes Cancel.  Force of Will now costs (1) even when played for "free".

She is in some respects Lodestone Golem's little sister.  In the last Modern Masters set we had the Golem, so why can't we have the Guardian this time around?


Snapcaster Mage (Innistrad)

Snapcaster Mage is a special card.  It's special in the sense that it should never have been printed as printed.  It's just so darn powerful.  That stated, we'd love to see it printed again.

It's essentially an instant speed Regrowth with a body.  And considering that Flashback costs typically cost more than the original casting cost of the spell (ie: Firebolt) it makes every instant and sorcery card in your graveyard instantly better.  Maybe that's why it's played in a wide variety of decks including Miracles, Grixis Delver, Jeskai Mentor, and more.

A $43 card, Snapcaster would also make a great chase rare -- especially since we don't really see any reason why WotC would bump it up to Mythic.  Then again, this is Wizards we're talking about.


Damnation (Planar Chaos)

Okay, so we're pretty sure this isn't going to happen.  Too many people want it to happen for it to happen.  WotC has disappointed players every chance they've had to reprint this card whether that be in Modern Masters, MM15, Eternal Masters, or both Conspiracy sets.  Missing out on all of those player satisfying times in which the company could have printed this mono-black Wrath of God, we can only expect that trend to continue.

And yet, here it is.  Though we're not holding our breath.


Liliana of the Veil (Innistrad)

Arguably the best Planeswalker ever printed with the best Planeswalker art, Liliana of the Veil is a must-have card for a variety of Modern and Legacy decks.

She is extremely cost efficient and powerful.  Whether playing Pox, Delver, Loam, Jund, or whatever, if you're playing black you're probably wanting to run her.  She's card advantage.  She's a sac outlet.  She's a discard outlet.  She's pretty much everything you could want for your deck.  She can also come out turn one with a Dark Ritual.

It's no wonder that she goes for roughly $95.  Hopefully a Modern Masters 2017 printing can help that.


There are, of course, many many more cards that we could have put on this list.  Limiting ourselves to a cool dozen is fairly restrictive (especially when you consider the set contains 249 cards), but that's the parameter we decided to use for this article.  Had we done more cards, we could have easily included the likes of the Zendikar fetch lands, Chalice of the Void, Aether Vial, Crucible of Worlds, and many many more cards.  That said, what cards would you like to see included in Modern Masters 2017?

Modern Masters 2017 is expected out March 17 and will retail at $9.99 per pack.

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