Tower defense game 'Intruders' launches for iOS, Android

Tower defense game 'Intruders' launches for iOS, Android MUST PLAY GAMES

Developer Must Play Games' latest title, a tower defense game called Intruders, is now available globally for iOS and Android devices.

"Unlike traditional Tower Defense games that feature fantasy and mythological themes and utilize 2D art," says the game developer via press release, "Intruders offers a new take on the popular genre with a sci-fi-driven technological motif with beautiful HD quality 3D graphics."

In the game, players face off against invading squads of alien robots.  A sci-fi-themed title, it challenges players to protect their base and keep the invading forces at bey across 80 levels and four locations.  Players will face off against the attacking hordes with an upgradable arsenal comprised of 16 weapons such as dual-shot lasers, missile launchers, and jet packs, as well as auxiliary items like electric barriers and airstrikes.  There are also four different game modes of play: Rush, Time-Attack, Selected Turrets, and Max Turrets.

 Must Play Games is a mobile games studio headquartered in Hyderabad, India.  Formed in 2015, Intruders is their eighth game.

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