Exordium Games' twin-stick shooter, Last Encounter, is now available via Steam.

Battery Jam, an arena battler that's described as Bomberman-meets-Splatoon, is scheduled for a mid-May release via Steam.

A playable demo of indie dev CCP's upcoming computer game, Dead in Vinland, is now available via Steam.

Fantasy business management simulator Shoppe Keep 2 is now available on PC as the game enters Steam Early Access.

Eden Rising: Supremacy, a multiplayer open world-tower defense hybrid, comes to Steam in mid-May.

Explore this rogue-lite platformer however you like.

Anime game Neko-Nin exHeart is getting a sequel.

Exordium Games' upcoming twin-stick shooter, Last Encounter, is slated to release on Steam in May with a console release later in the year.

The Spatials: Galactology, the sequel to the 2015 computer game The Spatials, gets is now available on PC (via Steam).

Discover the origins of a cult classic series.

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