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According to internal numbers from Bandai Namco, Dark Souls III is now the company's fastest-selling video game of all time.

Created by Fallen Snow Studios, the mystery visual novel Lucid9: Inciting Incident is now available as a free-to-play PC game obtainable via Steam.

Some gamers will soon have a chance to play Electronic Arts' upcoming video game Mirror’s Edge Catalyst.

A new mobile game based upon the anime Sailor Moon is now available for iOS and Android platforms.

A new stealth-action game from Frozenbyte is on its way for PC and PlayStation 4.

Wizards of the Coast provide new details about the upcoming Eternal Masters set for Magic: the Gathering.

Dungeon crawling RPG Stranger of Sword City is interesting and gritty, but suffers greatly from a slow start, an unappealing narrative, and unimpressive mechanics.

Creative Assembly will be offering Total War: WARHAMMER downloadable content free-of-charge post-release for everyone who owns the game.

EA Sports' NHL 16 video game simulations predict that the Washington Senators will win the Stanley Cup for the first time in team history.

Previously released for PC, Digerati's Paranautical Activity is set to release for the Nintendo Wii U on Thursday, April 14.

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