Cosplay: Magic The Gathering Grand Prix Vegas 2017

A cosplayer poses as Nahari, a Planeswalker from Magic: The Gathering. A cosplayer poses as Nahari, a Planeswalker from Magic: The Gathering. GEEKNIFTY / BARRY WHITE

The recently-held Magic: The Gathering's Grand Prix Vegas 2017 in Las Vegas saw not only great decks and great games of Magic, but also a slew of impressive cosplayers.

With costumes including well known characters from Magic lore like Liliana Vess, Chandra Nalaar, Sorin Markov, and a very impressive-looking Ajani Goldmane, there was much to see from cosplayers of all levels and types.  Check them out:

Cosplayers (list to be added to as more get identified):

  • Ajani @ScrapperFerret
  • Arlinn @erinsartstuff
  • Bontu the Glorified @Gatorpharm03
  • Chandra @airbubbles
  • Freyalise @cspranklerun
  • Garruk (w/ Liliana) @KensadiCosplay
  • Jace @ScrapperFerret
  • Liliana @TaiTai_gamer
  • Liliana (w/ Garruck) @KensadiCosplay
  • Liliana, Heretical Healer @oridesu
  • Nahiri @Velolciraptor
  • Nicol Bolas (armored) @gailpowder_mage
  • Nissa @nissacosplay
  • Nissa (w/ Jace) @ScratchKitty
  • Oketra @cspranklerun
  • Olivia @Kensadicosplay
  • Oona @cspranklerun
  • Original character: D&D Druid @Rhealdrien_Cosplay
  • Saheeli @carolyncosplay
  • Sorin @gatorpharm03
  • Tamiyo @oridesu
  • Tibalt @houstofcards
  • Venser @hackworth

Grand Prix Vegas was one of a number of stops on Magic: The Gathering's Grand Prix schedule.  The Las Vegas event was organized by Channel Fireball, but there are many others going on throughout the season.  More information about such events can be found by visiting the Mothership's website.

Special thanks to Twitter user @moxymtg for helping to identify the above cosplayers.

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