Cosplay: Amazing Las Vegas Comic-Con 2017

Cosplayers pose as Hawkgirl (left) Hawkman (right). Cosplayers pose as Hawkgirl (left) Hawkman (right). KATHERINE JARVIS / GEEKNIFTY

The Amazing Las Vegas Comic-Con 2017, which was held the fourth weekend in June at the Los Vegas Convention Center, saw not only a wide selection of comic books and comic fan merchandise, artists, panels, and so on, there were also a great number of cosplayers on hand.

With costumes including well known comic characters like Emma Frost from X-Men, Rick and Morty from Cartoon Network's Rick & Morty, and Storm Troopers from the Star Wars movies, there was much to see from cosplayers of all levels and types.  Check them out:

Cosplay credit goes to:

  • Umbrella Corp. Agent - Anonymous
  • Hammer-holding Harley Quinn - @d.stroid
  • - @luxirust
  • Emma Frost - @aliengrl3
  • Joker w/ Poison Ivy - @tattoofiend147
  • Spawn - @rebirthmxd
  • 10th Doctor - Tyler Stoffel
  • Yugi - Yugi
  • Spider-Man - @mattburrows91
  • Black Cat - @meganrandom
  • Arsenal - @metahuman_activated
  • Rick & Morty - @johnnylobes
  • Harley Quinn - @hardcoreelegance
  • Doctor Fate - Charles Tyrrell
  • Jedis w/ Darth Maul - @lvcosplaysickness
  • Black Widow w/ S.H.I.E.L.D. Agents & Hydra - @AvengersStation
  • Sans - @SillyShockwave
  • Jessica Rabbit - @pen__gwen
  • Joker w/ Riddler - George Pecoraro and Sarah Page
  • Marvin the Martian - @LVHeroes
  • Hawkman - @imhawkman

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