'Dodgeball Rising' delayed until 2018

'Dodgeball Rising' delayed until 2018 HAPPINET

Asakusa Studios' martial arts dodgeball game, Dodgeball Rising, has its release pushed back until sometime next year.

The game was previously scheduled to enter Steam Early Access on Dec. 14, 2017, but the developer is rescheduling its debut in order to invest more time and resources towards its development.  The game's publisher, Happinet, is giving Asakusa Studios its full support with the decision.

Dodgeball Rising takes place in Japan's Edo Period after words and duels have been banned by the government.  Instead, conflicts and disputes are settled with games of dodgeball.  Dodgeball Rising features support matches consisting of as many as six players with a wide array of unique Dodgeball warriors, simple controls, and special moves.

Happinet has not yet provided a solid street date for Dodgeball Rising's rescheduled release, but promises to do so once the game gets closer to completion.

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