Cosplay: Magic The Gathering Grand Prix Las Vegas 2018

A group of cosplayers pose together at Grand Prix Las Vegas 2018. A group of cosplayers pose together at Grand Prix Las Vegas 2018. GEEKNIFTY / BARRY WHITE

The recently-held Magic: The Gathering's Grand Prix Vegas 2018 at the Las Vegas Convention Center saw not only great decks and great games of Magic, but also a slew of impressive cosplayers.

With costumes including well known characters from Magic lore like Liliana Vess, Chandra Nalaar, and a very impressive Karn, there was much to see from cosplayers of all levels and types.  Check them out:

Cosplayers (in gallery order):

  • Urza - PZ Cosplay
  • Admiral Beckett Brass - @AshlenRose
  • Avacyn - Juicebodyplusharmony (costume by Kensadi Cosplay)
  • Desolation Angel - @Kensadi
  • Nissa - @DanaFischerMTG
  • Liliana - Shoshi
  • Marwin the Nurturer - @AiAmethyst
  • Chandra - @airbubblescosplay
  • Nissa - @zopilotegarcia
  • Jaya - @tappytoeclaws
  • Tamiyo - @oridesu
  • Teysa - @goberthicks
  • Jace - @scrapperferret
  • Karn - @AtlasCrafts
  • Urza - @jpsz6
  • Ashiok - @Kensadi
  • Kari Zev - @azenet
  • Chandra - @jpsz6
  • Olivia - Unknown
  • Hanna - @airbubblecosplay
  • Urza - Ron (costume by Kensadi Cosplay)

Grand Prix Las Vegas was one of a number of stops on Magic: The Gathering's Grand Prix schedule.  The Las Vegas event was organized by Channel Fireball and there are many others going on throughout the season including stops in Sacramento, Montréal, and Stockholm.  More information about such events can be found by visiting the Mothership's website.

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