Cosplay: Evolution 2018

Two excited cosplayers from Evolution 2018. Two excited cosplayers from Evolution 2018. GEEKNIFTY

This past weekend, thousands upon thousands of video game fans descended upon Las Vegas for Evolution 2018, the world fighting game championships. While many were there to compete in the tournaments, others decided to show off their excellent cosplay skills.

During the first and second days of the tournament, the show floor was teeming with great cosplayers, and we managed to capture plenty of them on film. Plenty of video games were represented (such as Persona 4Street FighterOverwatch and Metroid), as well as a number of anime series (such as Dragon BallDragon Ball and more Dragon Ball) and more. Take a look:

Header image credit: @powerpuffbitches

Master Roshi credit: @gr8asianman

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