'Donkey Kong 64' stream raises $340,000 for charity

Hbomberguy enjoying a bite of victory tofu. Hbomberguy enjoying a bite of victory tofu. HBOMBERGUY

This past weekend, a Twitch streamer with the username Hbomberguy (real name Harry Brewis) decided to play Donkey Kong 64 to 101% completon, hoping to raise money for the Mermaids UK charity. His initial goal was a modest $500, but the stream ended up spreading like wildfire, eventually gaining over 20,000 simultaneous watchers, and attracting special guests such as Chelsea Manning and U.S. congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. Brewis finally beat the game after 57 hours and 43 minutes, and the effort had raised a staggering $340,000 for charity.

The stream began after a £500,000 National Lottery grant to Mermaids UK was opposed by Father Ted creator Graham Linehan, who urged people to speak out against the trans-friendly charity. The stream became a haven for sensible discussions of transgender issues as a result. At the conclusion of the stream, Brewis officially commented that "Graham Linehan has put his foot in his mouth".

Viewers can find Brewis's Twitch page at this link.

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