Run-and-gun platformer 'Mechstermination Force' released on Nintendo Switch

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Mechstermination Force, a new run-and-gun platformer, is available now on the Nintendo Switch. In Mechstermination Force, MegaMechs have taken control of the world, but a small group of soldiers led by Captain Johnson continue to fight for the future of humanity. They call themselves, appropriately, the Mechstermination Force, and you’re one of the new soldiers going after the MegaMechs.

Mechstermination Force is an action platforming game that includes fourteen bosses, upgrade potential and the player's choice between playing solo and in co-op.

"Making it so each enemy in Mechstermination Force could function as both a boss fight and a platforming level was quite the creative challenge, but I’m very proud with how turned out," said Bertil Hörberg, Director of Hörberg Productions. "I think its combination of influences from the classic run and gun to more contemporary titles has resulted in a game that plays unlike anything else out there."

Mechstermination Force is out on the Switch now for $11.99.

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