New Album Plays Classic Video Game Music Backwards

Album cover. Album cover. GRANT HENRY

Grant Henry, the guitarist better known as "Stemage" who is the founder of Metroid Metal, has released a new album where he plays classic game music backwards. Retrogression Vol. 1 features classic music from Super Mario Bros.Punch-OutGhosts 'n Goblins and Tetris played in reverse, along with the reversed version of those reverse tunes (which is to say, the original non-reversed versions). All songs are played with two guitars, bass and drums, to mimic the four-channel sound chip of the original NES.

"Most Zelda fans know by now that the theme song from The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword is actually 'Zelda's Lullaby' in reverse," said Henry. "Retrogression Vol. 1 is a musical experiment following this same idea, keeping the arrangements clean with just four instruments similar to the four usable channels on the NES: two guitars, bass, and drums."

Henry has multiple other projects in the works, including work on Steven Universe. You can find out more about him on his web site. The album can be purchased on Bandcamp.

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