Aversa, Erutan team up for 'Ocarina of Time' music video

Jillian Aversa in costume. Jillian Aversa in costume. JILLIAN AVERSA

Vocalist Jillian Aversa and YouTuber Erutan have teamed up to make a music video featuring the iconic title theme from video game The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time.

This rendition of the game's theme, titled "Chrysalis," is arranged by Jillian and her husband, Andrew "zircon" Aversa.

"After taking a more literal approach with the characters in my second Zelda music video last year, I wanted to return to a freer interpretation for this one," comments Jillian.  "When I think of the Zelda games, I don't just picture Link and Zelda, but the whole world of Hyrule -- with all its magic and charm.  What does this world look like from the perspective of the critters that inhabit it?  That is the question that inspired our video concept. Kate and I each play three different animal characters, all coming together to witness the metamorphosis of a moth."

In addition to Aversa's lyrics and vocal work, Erutan's ocarina, harp, and glockenspiel performances also have prominence.   The music video further includes a dreamy forest setting, elaborate costumes, and a story of transformation.

"The location was a gorgeous pocket of Maryland forest untouched by the houses built around it," Erutan notes.  "My biggest challenge was walking through the brush in a long dress, attempting to look like a graceful forest animal while trying not to trip over the thorny vines, fallen logs, and other forest floor goodies.  Jillian was much better at this than me," she laughs.  "We enjoyed ourselves thoroughly!"

You can watch "Chrysalis" in the video player below.

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