'Chrono Trigger' tribute album and art collection released

The team behind 2013's acclaimed Secret of Mana tribute album, Spectrum of Mana, is excited to release their highly-anticipated tribute to Chrono Trigger titled Chronicles of Time.

The 75-track album marks an unprecedented collaboration between over 200 artists who expertly re-imagine the beloved SNES-era RPG soundtrack originally composed by Yasunori Mitsuda. Chronicles of Time also includes a collection of over 50 pieces of artwork depicting the game's most memorable scenes and characters

"Following up Spectrum of Mana for us was no easy task, but the team felt strongly that we should tackle Chrono Trigger," notes Chronicles of Time organizer Nate Horsfall. "Two years later, after laughing, crying, and bleeding together, we've emerged with something that rivals Spectrum of Mana in sonic diversity. Bigger, more ambitious, and with a team twice the size, there's something for everyone with Chronicles of Time."

The album's five discs are sorted by Chrono Trigger's time eras and cover everything from rock and orchestral to live instrumental performances featuring a diverse range of talent that includes Stemage (of Metroid Metal), composer Dale North, The OneUps guitarists William Carlos Reyes and Tim Yarbrough, and game music cover bands Super Soul Bros., Descendants of Erdrick, Eight Bit Disaster, Super Guitar Bros., Marshall Art, and many others.

Chronicles of Time is officially licensed and is available on LOUDR, iTunes, and other digital music outlets.  All proceeds will be donated to the international charity organization, Doctors Without Borders.

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