WotC details 'Explorers of Ixalan'

Wizards of the Coast's 'Explorers of Ixalan' game. Wizards of the Coast's 'Explorers of Ixalan' game. WOTC

Wizards of the Coast is now providing details on the upcoming CCG/tabletop board game hybrid, Explorers of Ixalan.

The game, which is designed to be played on its own with three other players, features four 60 card decks and a Catan-like game board.  Each deck represents one of Ixalan's four clans - dinosaurs, pirates, vampires, and merfolk - and feature some pretty noteworthy reprints such as Quicksilver Amulet, Day of Judgment, and Time Warp.  As for the game board, the tiles are double-sided with quests hidden on the back side of each.  The quests provide additional goals for players that are designed to make each play through "fresh and exciting."

You can find out more about the supplemental Magic: The Gathering expansion/side game by watching the below official video from WotC.

Explorers of Ixalan is expected to release Nov. 24 to local game stores.

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