'Unstable' launches for 'Magic: The Gathering'

'Unstable' launches for 'Magic: The Gathering' WOTC

The long-awaited third Un- set for Magic: The Gathering is now available worldwide.

Unstable, which joins 1998's Unglued and 2004's Unhinged, is an official wacky/parody set from Wizards of the Coast for the Magic: The Gathering collectible card game.  Unlike normal sets where cards have either white or black borders, Unhinged has silver-bordered cards to signify that they are not legal for sanctioned/tournament play.  That said, the set does have some cards that can be used in official settings such as the card Steamflogger Boss (originally printed in Future Sight) and the five full-bleed basic land cards.

Like previous Un- sets, which featured zany and silly creature types such as chickens and clams, Unstable boasts not only fun creature types (hello, squirrels) but also factions.  The set has a mad scientist theme with a number of different factions.  It also brings to life Contraptions, a card type introduced in Future Sight with Steamflogger Boss but had no support since.

Adding to the zaniness, WotC also included a number of card variants.  In the past, variants were more-or-less restricted to card art.  This time, however, it goes far beyond that with cards of the same name not only featuring different artwork, but different flavor text and even rules text as well.  Also included in the set are the new keyword abilities Last Strike (like First Strike, only a lot slower), Squirrellink (like Lifelink, only you get squirrels instead of life points), and Augment.  That final ability allows players to make their own hybrid creatures such as a monkey-ninja, an orc-angel , or a cat-cat.  Wait...

Unstable consists of 216 (or so -- you know, because of the variants) cards and is designed for drafting.

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