New 'Undertale' tribute album releases

New 'Undertale' tribute album releases MATERIA COLLECTIVE

Fans of the hit game Undertale have some new ear candy on the way as Materia Collective unveils the album Undertale Piano Collections 2.

Arranger David Peacock and performer Augustine Mayuga Gonzales reunite to pay homage to Toby Fox's award-winning soundtrack and cover a number of fan-favorite songs that didn't make it onto the first volume.  Additionally, a new sheet music collection will be released alongside of the album, thus giving pianists yet another way to experience these all-new arrangements.

"With this second Undertale Piano Collections, the goal was to revisit the world of Undertale and cover some themes that we didn't get to explore the first time around," comments Peacock.  "As a result, the general feeling of this selection is as if exploring more of the experience and atmosphere of a 'genocide run.' Retaining the idea of merging both classical music and video game arrangements, while also continuing the musical language and ideas from the first piano collections, we hope you enjoy these pieces. "

Undertale Piano Collections 2 is available via Bandcamp, Spotify, and iTunes.

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