Air combat game 'Rogue Aces' released

Air combat game 'Rogue Aces' released CURVE DIGITAL

Publisher Curve Digital's World War 2 aerial combat game, Rogue Aces, is now available on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and PS Vita.

In the game, players must outflank, barrel-roll and dogfight their way through a series of 2D procedurally generated World War 2 scenarios in a bid to defeat enemy forces.

“We developed Rogue Aces within our custom-built engine to make sure the 2D aerial combat action is as sharp, responsive, and fun as it possibly can be,” said Mike Daw, Creative Director at developer Infinite State Games. “We’ve tried to rediscover the essence of those early arcade gameplay experiences, giving it an irreverent, colorful lick of paint and personality in the process.”

Says developer Infinite State Games about Rogue Aces:

Rogue Aces asks players to turn the tide of the war as they battle for supremacy across the air, sea and ground over 100 increasingly challenging procedurally generated missions.  Using one analogue stick to control the direction of the propeller plane while the other controls the throttle, combat is frantic but graceful, encouraging daring acrobatic maneuvers.  Each plane carries a finite amount of fuel to capture enemy bases and destroy enemy forces making strategic planning, replenishing and repairs a must across its colorful 1940s styled levels.

The ESRB gives an "E10+" rating to Rogue Aces.

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