Adventure game 'Unavowed' releases for PC, Mac

Adventure game 'Unavowed' releases for PC, Mac WADJET EYE GAMES

Wadjet Eye Games' latest release, an urban adventure computer game called Unavowed, is now available for Windows PC and Mac.

The game features a dark storyline that subtly reflects the player's choices.  The game boasts puzzles that have more than one solution and twice the pixels of any previous Wadjet Eye game.

Unavowed further features a branching storyline, a trio of origin stories to play, and both male and female playable characters along with a total of four companion characters from which to choose.  Each companion has their own talents and abilities.

Also, Wadjet Eye Games says Unavowed features hand-drawn pixel art at twice the resolution of their previous games, as well as an original soundtrack composed by Thomas Regin (Nancy Drew: Sea of Darkness), and a voice cast that includes Logan Cunningham (Bastian) and SungWon Cho (Anime Crimes Division). 

Unavowed is available via Steam.

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