Timespinner OST releases on CD and digital

The 'Timespinner' OST is available both digitally and on a physical CD. The 'Timespinner' OST is available both digitally and on a physical CD. MATERIA COLLECTIVE

Materia Collective has released the Timespinner original soundtrack composed by Jeff Ball.

Ball, who is probably best known for his work on Tiny Barbarian DX soundtrack as welll as for his violin session work on Steven Universe, scores this fast-paced action-packed Metroidvania title featuring a gothic retro sound that harkens back to game music greats such as Castlevania and Chrono Cross.

Available both digitally and on a physical compact disk, the Timespinner original soundtrack boasts 57 tracks.  Materia Collective says listeners will want to pay attention to "Pioneer's Horizon," which accompanies the Lake Serene area and incorporates all of the live musicians in one track, "Masquerade of Hedonists," inspired by the library area of Casltevania: Symphony of the Night and using strings and harpsichord, "Ancient Forest," drawing inspiration from the Chrono series featuring live guitar and a warm melody, as welll as "Lake Desolation Concept," an unused track that was a little too funky for the game but is a favorite of Ball's.

"Timespinner gave me a great opportunity to spend a few years researching ways to faithfully recreate late 1990s game music," notes composer Jeff Ball.  "I dug deep into the melodies and harmonies of Michiru Yamane and Yasunori Mitsuda, played a lot of late 1990s era console titles, and researched musical equipment and console technology that was used back then to see how I could incorporate those sounds into a modern music production setup.  Near the end of production, I hired Kristin Naigus, Cain German, and Christian Pacaud to add some really amazing instrumental performances, and I can't thank them enough for adding so much life to the soundtrack.  It's been a super fun journey for me, and I'm very excited to share this videogame nostalgia with everyone."

The Timespinner original soundtrack is available via Bandcamp, Spotify, and iTunes.

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