A look back on 'Quantum Replica'

A look back on 'Quantum Replica' STEAM

Last December we reviewed cyber-punkish Quantum Replica. We gave it a six out of ten. But after many similar games have come out, and ones that WILL come out, we decided to play again and shed a new light on it. And was it better or worse than before?

The biggest mistake Quantum Replica does is go the whole 'they have no memory route'. Like half of all games do that today. While it is cliché, the WAY they do it was more unique compared to other games. As long as you can ignore a group called “The Resistance”, the game goes on a little bit about confusion without making it into straight exposition. It's not much, especially with a group literally called THE RESISTANCE and having it all play out like a Matrix/Blade Runner fever dream, but it's more than I gave it credit for the first time.

Playing through for several more hours, it still hits me how this game looks. It's has amazing electric-neon signs that contribute to the atmosphere, but it's so sterile and devoid of everything. I never knew the future had been recently reasphalted numerous times. I mean, it just takes you out of it, more than I remember.

Gameplay, however, is a lot better than I remember. While there are parts where the action is played for you, there's a lot more action than I remember. Stealth is still largely trial by error, but it was a lot of fun too, in an almost Angry Birds like way – keep trying until it works.

Overall, it's still a largely generic game. I remembered the soundtrack and the clean neon streets, but everything else was already forgotten less than two months later. And the weird thing is that in many indy games I still remember a lot more than that in more amounts of time. Some I still remember how to get past the bad guys when it was developed during the Bush years.

I'd still give Quantum Replica a 6 out of 10, but with it's price going down, and some negatives not being as negative as before, I'd say it's worth a shot now.

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