Soulcalibur VI Producer Motohiro Okubo and Team USA Olympic Bronze Medalist Fencer Miles Chamley-Watson go toe-to-toe with both real and digital swords.

Materia Collective releases the Timespinner original soundtrack composed by Jeff Ball.

A look at when respected mainstream media even notices a fan service foul in the video game industry.

End-zone rivalries meet in-game rivalries at college football tailgates.

This coffee table book by Brett Weiss brings back fond Super Nintendo memories while providing insight on SNES games both well known and otherwise.

The best fighters in the world also brought out some of the best costumes.

Magic: The Gathering's Grand Prix Sacramento 2018 saw not only great Core Set 2019 and great games of Magic: The Gathering, but also a handful of impressive cosplayers.

There's a new book out that retro gamers just might want on their bookshelves.

Gaming peripherals company HyperX joins forces with AbleGamers Foundation to donate $10,000 worth of equipment and training to the Children’s Hospital in New Orleans, Louisiana. 

With the help of a professor from Temple, a new LGBTQ video game archive exhibit will open this December at Schwules Museum in Berlin, Germany.

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