Bandai Namco announces the Tekken World Tour, a global Tekken 7 tournament series.

Ubisoft hosts a preview event for its Star Trek Bridge Crew virtual reality experience in San Francisco.

Fans of Nintendo's Earthbound and Mother games can now experience their music in a new remixed form courtesy of Fangamer and the Bad Dudes.

Learn more about the duo that turned the DuckTales Moon Theme into an 80's power ballad.

Which group of teenagers with attitude rocked out the hardest?

The album, "Hero of Time," will be available soon on vinyl, CD, and digitally.

Iranian game developer Ink Stories to donate proceeds of 1979 Revolution sales to ACLU in response to Trump’s "muslim ban" executive order.

PAX adds a new convention to its schedule focused all about tabletop and non-video gaming.

Consumer technology and electronics will be sharing center stage at CES 2017 with a variety of stars and celebrities.

GeekNifty chats with Gentile Love, a musical group comprised of of saxophonist Norihiko Hibino and pianist AYAKI, about their recently-released album Perscription for Sleep: Undertale.

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