A Batman cosplay suit adorned with 23 functioning gadgets has set a new Guinness World Record.

eSports company Ultimate Media Ventures and the SLS Hotel & Casino on the Las Vegas Strip are partnering up for an esports tournament series.

Childrens' and young adults' book publisher Scholastic signs a deal to print books based on the Five Nights at Freddies horror video game series.

The Amazing Las Vegas Comic-Con 2016 saw not only comic books and comic artists, but also a great number of cosplayers.

Impact Soundworks and OverClocked ReMix team up to bring hobbyists and professionals alike a library of 5,500 old-school video game samples.

Nintendo seeks 500 players to be among first in the world to play 'The Legend of Zelda' for Wii U at the company's New York City store.

Las Vegas' LVL-UP Expo 2016 saw not only cool video games, card game action, and anime, but also a great number of cosplayers.

Rapper Mega Ran releases a new 12" vinyl featuring tracks inspired by the iconic RPG Final Fantasy VII.

EA Sports' NHL 16 video game simulations predict that the Washington Senators will win the Stanley Cup for the first time in team history.

Nintendo teams up with the San Francisco Public Library to teach kids the basics of video game design.

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